After working in movements of peace for more than three decades, I had an epiphany. I realized that no matter how many wonderful experiences I had and lessons learned, there will always be more. Thankful for that, the MORE is our source of better, a willingness to give more than we take.

Publish Date: January 2019

Biographical, and Philosophical.


An Anthology of Essays on hope and love by P.K. McCary, Author of Black Bible Chronicles and Rappin' With Jesus. P.K. writes what matters most. From motherhood to sisterhood, she shares her insights and wisdom as well as her most intimate moments that brought her closer to God.  Publish Date: August 2004

Inspirational, Religious and Philosophical.

ISBN No. 978-0967259833


This is the love story of my parents. As the oldest child of Savantha Lee (lovingly known as “Sam”) and Henry (who was sometimes called “Mac”), I  see clearly what I couldn't understand as a child. Every child is shaped by DNA. Still, there are other inexplicable influences that are harder to grasp. Join me on a journey of truth and love. Publish Date: December 2018

Biographical, and Philosophical.

ISBN No. 9781729145593