Logos serve the purpose of identifying your company and should distinguish you from others. When someone looks at your logo, it should resonate what you first want people to think about you, your product, or service. First impressions can last a lifetime. At P K and Company we endeavor to help you communicate your story. We take into consideration your name and the presence you want to present. Want whimsical? Elegant or polished? Can you live with it for more than a few months? When we design a logo, we give you choices and then we offer studies and research to test market your look for your future. Want someone who does more than throw symbols together? Our graphic designers are some of the best and we pair you with the person who has your best interests.

Clients come to us with a request for a t-shirt or a button and we can do that. We do. But, when a client comes to us and tells us that they want to market a concept, we look further than a product and a slogan. We make things fit. Our best designs come with the complete package, a look at developing the idea into one that makes an impact and lasts. People remember our packages from 99 Days of Intentional Peace to Get on the Bus, both campaigns that included a series of panel discussions and events that also supported a National exhibition. We've added a new dimension to our branding system. We use young people learning to be graphic designers and marketing and communications consultants. We show young people the stages of development, from meeting the client to delivering the client that package that sings! We're not just professionals. We give back to our communities by developing stronger and more committed designers, artists, and writers--and we do it to make you look like a million.


Helping others to know your story is a job worthy of pursuing ... only if you believe it is. And, what you believe in you'll work hard to achieve. That's just the facts.

~ P. K. McCary, THE MORE 2016


If you want people to take notice, then add the shine. Add the polish and then people will take notice. The visual proves the point that a picture can be worth a lot.

~ P. K. McCary, THE MORE 2016


You work to find your audience. Not everyone who sees your product wants it. That's not your customer. The ones who want it, you will have to prove your worth to.

~ P. K. McCary, THE MORE 2016